Izhar Rotary Parking System:-

As per our commitment to bring about new techniques and innovations in the industry, Izhar has introduced yet another parking solution, which is Pakistan’s 1st rotary parking system.
Our carousel design enables you to park 14-18 vehicles in the space of only 2. There is no need for a parking attendant, just press your parking space number and the pallet will rotate either clock-wise or counter clockwise. It will automatically sense which way to rotate by space number for fast retrieval time. Our rotary car parking systems are extremely safe and reliable. We believe that this state of the art parking system will bring a revolutionary change in the industry. For more detail click here

Salient Features:-

  • Easy, safe and secure operations.
  • Fully automated independent parking system.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Most suitable for staff or dedicated user parking.
  • No need of parking attendant.
  • Suitable for sedan and SUVs.
  • Relocation of parking system is very easy.