Basic Parameters

Basic parameters of Pre pre-engineered steel building (PEB) are follow as:

  • Building Width.

The distance from the outside of one sidewall girt flange to the outside of the far side wall girt flange determines the building width or steel line.

  • Building Length.

The distance between the both end wall columns or girts (whichever is greater) defines the building length.

  • Building Height
Clear Height – From FFL to bottom flange of main frame rafter.
Eave Height – Distance between FFL to the top of outer point of eave purlin.
Ridge Height – Distance between FFL to peak point of the building.
  • Roof Slop

It is horizontal angle of roof. Roof slop can be vary but generally 0.5 : 10 to 1.5 : 10 is used considering the economical and aesthetics.

  • Bay Spacing

It is the distance between two frames (Length wise).

  • Primary Framing.

The Primary Steel Framing infrastructure system is like the skeleton of the building. It is made up of strong beams and columns that hold everything together. Just as your bones help you stand tall, the underlying structural system keeps the building strong and stable. For more detail click here

  • Secondary Framing.

These frames consist on Purlins and Girts used to support roof and wall sheeting. Secondary framing also used to support the main framing components as bracing to increase their load carrying capacity.

  • Sheeting

To cover the roof and wall of Pre Engineered Steel Building, Izhar Engineering uses hot dipped galvanized zinc aluminum coated imported materials.