IZHAR AUTOPARK Parking Systems offers indigenous parking solutions while optimizing the use of available space and are ideal for existing and new commercial, industrial, educational and residential projects.
The offered solutions include single car stackers for individual residential garages, multi-level car parking & fully automatic mechanical car parking systems. All parts/accessories of the parking system are manufactured to the highest degree of perfection and conforms to relevant manufacturing and safety standards.
IZHAR AUTOPARK Parking Systems are pioneer in introducing mechani- cal car parking systems with in-house designing and fabrication facilities and these systems could be fabricated in multi-storey vertical storage and slide platform configurations to meet specific requirements.


  • The system is designed to create maximum parking capacity in the available space.
  • It is an economical alternative to the traditional car parking systems which have become expensive due to increase in land and construction costs.
  • The offered systems are equally suitable for open or closed environments.
  • Maintenance system are handy and cost effective.
  • Autopark systems have already been installed, practically operated, tested and proved reliable.
  • Parking and retrieval of the vehicles is quick and safe.
  • Parking of SUV’s and other such vehicles can be accommodated in the design.
  • Autopark operational system is designed to meet and suit the local environment requirements.
  • The best advantage offered is the foolproof security of the parked vehicles against theft as no vehicle could be retrieved without presenting the parking ticket / voucher and wanderers cannot approach any parked vehicle.


  • Backed by 7 Decades of Innovation
  • One Step Solution
  • Customer Support
  • Complying to International Standards
  • Better Quality due to modular design
  • Continuous R & D and improvements
  • Quick Construction
  • One year warranty for mechanical parts