Welcome to the forefront of construction innovation with Izhar Group, a visionary entity shaping the industry since 1959. At the heart of this legacy stands Izhar Engineering, spearheading transformative Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) since 2005.

Izhar Engineering and PEB Expertise:

Discover the future of construction through Izhar Engineering’s expertise in PEB. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Lahore, spanning 350,000 square feet, is a testament to our commitment to global standards. With an annual capacity of 48,000 metric tons, Izhar Engineering is the leading producer of PEB in Pakistan.

Innovation in Design:

Beyond structures, Izhar Engineering excels in translating visions into reality through innovative design. Each project is a showcase of our team’s creativity and precision, setting new benchmarks in the construction landscape.

Izhar Group’s Impact:

Izhar Group influence extends beyond construction, positively impacting communities. Izhar Engineering takes pride in contributing to socio-economic development and building sustainable environments. Our ethos goes beyond steel structures, reflecting a commitment to holistic development.

Future Vision:

As Izhar Group evolves, Izhar Engineering continues to lead in PEB excellence. We’re not just building structures; we’re crafting legacies that embody innovation and sustainability.

Explore Izhar Group’s Journey:

Join us on a journey where Izhar Engineering and PEB excellence converge to shape the future of construction. From innovative designs to sustainable practices, Izhar Group is redefining the construction landscape, one visionary project at a time.